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A Spring Trip To Tuscany

Spring is a time of year that tends to be the favourite one for many people – when flowers bloom and the world comes back to life once again, when the chills from winter finally thaw and the warm sunshine of spring peaks behind a horizon of grey clouds.

Spring is also a season of taking a first well-deserved break away in the sun and among waking up nature. Some may plan their spring holidays to other cities and some might even consider going abroad.  Those searching for breathtaking scenery, undisturbed peace and delicious food, may want to consider one particular region in Italy, that offer this and much more – Tuscany.

Tuscany is one of the most romantic regions of Italy, with an ample supply of tourist attractions and unforgettable sceneries. It is also blessed with the most vibrant greenery and some of the best lodging and food in the country. However, when planning for a spring trip to Tuscany, most people may not be able to sketch out their trip quite well. Moving on, let us describe the perfect spring trip to Tuscany, which you could take this spring break.

Fly From London To Florence

You can fly from London to Florence when your spring break falls. However, make sure that you decide on Tuscany quite early one, so you can buy much cheaper tickets beforehand. 

Already as you reach Florence, you will be provided with a number of tourist attractions that you can visit, to satisfy the travel enthusiast living inside you. A couple of the most notable ones are:

  • Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge): a famous bridge know for its shops built along it.


  • Il Duomo (Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flowers): dates back to 1296.  Its characteristic façade is made of white, pink and green marble panels of a characteristic design.


A Car Drive To Tuscany

When you travel to the Tuscan countryside by car, consider taking local routes among the hills. This may take a bit longer than the motorway, but it holds the most picturesque sceneries.

  • Stay At Villa La Palagina:

It is one of the best accommodations in the region and provides a wonderful service to its guests. One of the many reasons why Villa La Palagina is worth staying at is its beautiful setting with panoramic views of the countryside.  Make sure you try their restaurant, which serves exquisite local specialties. 



  • Visit Greve in Chianti:

Just a short drive away is Greve in Chianti. This is the hub of the local wine industry and truly offers some of the best wines. In addition, it is filled with traditional architecture for anyone interested in history.


  • Explore the area:

There is not a better way to get to know the area than by visiting its many local markets. The hotel will be able to guide you. These markets may not be on the list of the best tourist attractions in Tuscany, but they surely are worth seeing.  You will be able to discover little Tuscan towns, regional produce and take part in the local life even just for a little moment. 

Have a Fun Spring Break!

One of the best things about planning a spring trip to Tuscany is that you will be sure that you will not be disappointed. The region is filled with romantic spots, recreational activities children and historical monumental places for history enthusiasts.

Apart from that, it holds one of the most delicious menus in the world, with mouthwatering dishes ready to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Hence, if you are looking for a place to spend your spring break in, Tuscany is absolutely worth a try.

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