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Beyond Les Gets – Day Trips

Weather in the mountains can change quickly and one may be surprised by a heavy downpour after many days of perfect skiing conditions. This, however, may be a good excuse to leave the mountain village and discover more of what the surrounding area has to offer –  particularly as although it may still be winter high in the mountains, spring may have arrived in the lower regions.

For those looking to make the most of their stay in Les Gets and do some day trips, we have put together a list of a few spectacular places – easily accessible by car.


What is there not to love about Annecy? The town is often associated with romance; with a beautiful lake and mountainous panorama on one side, and a picturesque old town on the other.  The vastness of Lake Annecy and its crystal-clean water makes it easy to forget that one is in a city.


The lake is connected with the old town by canals, thanks to which Annecy is often called the Venice of the Alps. The romance really lies at the heart of the city, with its famous bridge named Le Pont des Amours. According to an urban legend, those who share a kiss on it, will stay together for a lifetime.


Annecy’s most recognised landmark must be Le Palais de l’Isle, which sits between two canals at the entrance to the old town. The old town is easy to fall in love with, with its historic, colorful architecture, cobbled streets, miniscule bridges and outside cafés.


Another sightseeing spot is Le Château d’Annecy which is a short uphill walk within easy reach from the old town.

Distance from Les Gets: About 80 km, 1.20 hours (*Google Maps, toll roads)

Chamonix Mont-Blanc


Chamonix is famous for hosting the first Winter Olympics in 1924. It has quite a dramatic landscape, due to its high peak backdrop. The mountains actually feel more like snow-covered rocks, rather than gentle slopes.


The most notable, accessible peak is the Aiguille du Midi, which means Needle of the South, and stands at 3,842m. For even more thrilling views, one can step into a glass skywalk at the top. Note though, the summit trip cannot be made with young children, due to the extreme vertical ascent of the cable car.

Chamonix carries much history and charm as a ski resort. However, it has more of a town-like feel with its traditional brick apartment buildings, as opposed to the village feel many ski resorts have.

Distance from Les Gets: About 65 km, 1.05 min (*Google Maps, toll roads)



Geneva offers a true city experience. It is the second biggest city in Switzerland and a major international, financial and diplomatic hub.


Geneva is abundant in historical sites, with precisely 82 on the register of Swiss heritage sites of national significance. The old town offers plenty to discover, including the English Garden with the famous Flower Clock, and the Saint Pierre (or Saint Peter’s) Cathedral.


One of the major attractions of the city is Lake Geneva itself and the unmissable, 140m high water fountain, Jet d’Eau.

Distance from Les Gets: About 60 km, 1.15 hr (*Google Maps, toll roads)

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