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Breakfast at Dishoom, Bombay Cafe

Tables with natural pearl-smoked Indian marble, a host of individuals rooted in their discussions and an aura of satisfaction – Dishoom

India is known all over the world for being a country of many cultures, all authentic to their broad historical standards. Its cuisine is as varied as a country of such a size and diversity would indicate. Within this there is an unknown to many niche, but once a solid part of the lifestyle and now, even in its original Mumbai, slowly disappearing – old Irani cafes of Bombay.

A long way from Mumbai, in London, the tradition is being kept alive by Dishoom.  Now with four branches in the city (Shoreditch, King’s Cross, Carnaby and Covent Garden), their chefs’ unmatched kitchen skills coupled with prowess in using spices and unique recipes have helped them amass quite a following.

What is behind the name?

Dishoom is an Indian term used in many Bollywood movies to refer to the sound made when a hero’s fist hits an opponent or just a jargon name for ‘sexappeal or mojo’.

Whereas the original Iranian cafes in Bombay entered the Indian culture in early 20th century caused by migration from Iran and became not just a culinary staple but also, with their elegant but relaxed atmosphere and welcoming people from various groups of the society, an embodiment of certain lifestyle.

From Bombay with love

The London Dishoom is faithful to these values.  It successfully not just serves a brand new take on Indian cuisine but also transports its guests to a completely new world with its décor, dishes and even menu design making up a part of the ambience.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Dishoom will serve you a meal to keep you feisty all day long.  Those looking for a new alternative to many London breakfast spots, which offer either English or continental style breakfast dishes, will surely not be disappointed.


Does a breakfast get more original than a Naan Roll with various choices of filling or a simple Kejriwal with chai? Those who would prefer an egg dish, may be tempted by Akuri, which with three spicy scrambled eggs, Plump Pau Buns and served with grilled tomatoes will utterly wow you.

Dine early or dine late, you are guaranteed of a wholly memorable experience every day.  The menu is full of unique meals accompanied by delightful descriptions, anecdotes and history.  You will have a great time browsing through it. With the restaurant’s popularity, therefore, you know why you may need to queue even at breakfast time on a weekend.

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