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Fashion Trends for Autumn / Winter 2016

Cold weather should not steal away your sense of fashion. The winter is here, and you could be wondering how to maintain a vibrant look in spite of the chilly weather. The secret behind looking good this season is creativity and individualism. Let everything be you. Play around with different designs to carve out something unique and electric. Think about the following:

Some stripes
Stripes are good to go, specifically sultry stripes. Most designers are going for the linear look with a combination of odd colours with varying proportions and textures. Whereas everybody is trying horizontal stripes, do not shy away from experimenting with contrasting layers, asymmetry stripes or even patchwork.

Your everyday wardrobe
Sometimes it is just good to work with what you have and what you are used. Designers in this season are showing a lot of interest in using the everyday clothes to come up with something epic. By adding some really fascinating cuts, patterns, customisations, and details here and there, you will beat the cold fashionably. Do not forget to accessorise. Think about other simple ways such tying, wrapping, fastening, scrunching or even looping your trousers, tops, coats, and jackets. This makes all the difference.

Flashbacks 80’s
Old is gold, no wonder they are back in town. Try out power dressing especially for evening wear. Think of something creative to touch with your lace, lurex, latex or even leather. You can think of a warm way to exaggerate your shoulders and arms. Go back to the huge belts alongside body-hugging silhouettes. Fishnet tights are also in for this season. Spiked stilettos, satin, gold jewellery and asymmetric cuts are all being used to put together an autumn fashion by designers.

Velvet is always warm
Look for bright colours. Velvex is no longer for exclusive gothic or romantic evenings. Customise a daytime statement by giving it a touch of one of these vibrant styles. The versatility of this fabric will let you choose if you want a trouser suit or thigh-high boots to match up with a dress. You can also try a velvet bag with a good coat of your choice. To bring the best out of velvet, wear it with metallic accessories.

Raid grandma’s closet
Your grandma’s closet may seem useless, but in there you can find some of the most exotic prints, styling touches, and colours to boot. You just need a sense of fashion and confidence to pair up unexpected pieces. Be on the hunt for scarves, socks that come with sandals, geek-chics, and furnishing fabrics. You can pair them with normal outfits for something fancy.

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