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About us

Filigree Street is a place where you can find stylish and beautiful jewellery from ateliers of masters of the profession.  A place with true treasures and a varied collection that satisfies demanding tastes.

My adventure with jewellery started unexpectedly in my childhood. This was a journey of discovery, enriched by stories and entrepreneurial spirit. In the 1990s in Poland my parents opened their own studio making amber jewellery for the US market.  At that age I could just witnessed the busyness within Filigree Street, but it would have been hard to ignore the omnipresent jewellery. The house was always full of boxes, tools and scattered notes.  I was always eager to help. Sometimes I carried out simple tasks such as matching stones for earrings. On some occasions I learnt to make wax casting.  I would also want to accompany my parents when running errands. This work would take me with them across the country meeting a vast amount of similar makers.

History of Filigree Street

Filigree Street has been created out of passion for a beautiful design and elegant jewellery.  We selected each piece carefully to include only the ones that attract with individual style and quality finish.  The jewellery has a one of a kind feel to cherish the uniqueness of a person who wears it.

Glowing amber ring I

Since then, my family has retired from the trade. I went onto pursuing a different path that took me to the US, Australia, France and finally London.  Although the jewellery business was not present in our lives any more, a thought of it was always there. It is now hard to pin point the exact moment when we decided to establish Filigree Street.  We witnessed a big change in the jewellery market. In a good and a worse sense, this came with the advancement in technology. We still remembered the great artisans that we used to work with and we wanted to advocate their unique work.

First, amber jewellery we felt that it was largely associated with cheap, poorly made items.  We wanted to emphasise the high quality, well thought and executed designs that we remembered. Soon we added something that was even more unique and not widely present on the market – striped flint jewellery.  The stone is even rarer than amber but also full of natural character. Since launching Filigree Street in 2010, we have met many more jewellery designers. We had the pleasure to get to know them, to listen to their stories and to understand their jewellery.  I hope that you will also enjoy their work here.

~ KS

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