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Great places to visit from Strasbourg

When spending time in Strasbourg, it is worthwhile to see what else the area has to offer.  Thanks to being located in France and close to the German boarder, there is a great mixture of places worth visiting.  The best way is to travel by car between them, especially if spending a (cold) Christmas season there.  Here are some of the exciting places that you can reach by taking a day trip from Strasbourg.


Nancy metropolitan area that was formally the capital of Duchy of Lorraine. It is said that this place was inhabited as early as 800BC by miners that came for iron ore. The area has seen many wars happen in the area including the War of Champagne, the Battle of Nancy, and World War II.


Some of the places you can visit when in Nancy include Place Stanislas, Place de la Carrie’re. This was the residence of Stanislas Leszczynski and later Duke of Lorraine. The place is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Freiburg in Breisgau

Freiburg in Breisgau is an old city, founded in the early 1200s. It has a very rich history having been ruled by different kingdoms along the centuries. It also has appealing architecture and serene landscape.


It takes about one and a half hours by car from Strasbourg to Freiburg in Breisgau. Some of the places that you should visit when in this city include the Historical Merchants Hall that was built in early 1400s and served as a customs office. The house faces yet another historical building called the Freiburg Minster. This building is a cathedral that started being built in 1200s on the foundation of a Catholic church built in the 1120s. Freiburg has many other places to visit and restaurants that serve regional German cuisine among other European food.



Titisee is a lake in Baden-Wurttemberg. The lake is about 121km from Strasbourg, a journey that takes about two hours. Lake Titisee covers an area of about 320 acres and has an outflow that drains into the Upper Rhine.


During winter, you can head on to the lake for cross-country skiing. In warmer days, the place is serene and ideal for a family picnic or a group outdoor activity.  It is pretty much obligatory to try the traditional Black Forest Gateau, which is a local delicacy but renowned worldwide.


Baden Baden

Baden-Baden is a famous spa town that is located in Baden – Wurttemberg, at the border of Black Forest mountain range and near the France border.  The town is known for well-being and hot springs, but it has a wonderful charm and a lot to offer to anyone looking for some quiet time.  The town is near the Black Forest National Park, which makes it a perfect gateaway for visitors appreciating nature.


Baden Baden is about 59km from Strasbourg, a journey that takes about an hour.



Karlsruhe is also a border town between France and Germany and hosts Germany’s highest courts namely the Federal Court of Justice and Federal Constitutional Court.  Apart from being the seat of Germany’s justice system, the town is also known for its magnificent landscape. It takes about an hour or so to travel from Strasbourg to Karlsruhe.


The town lies at the coordinates 49°00′N 8°24′E. In fact, the 49th parallel runs through the municipal center. The town is planned in a way, that there is a palace tower at the center of the city with 32 streets that radiate from the town just like spokes from the center of a wheel.  Other notable attractions in the area include the main Lutheran church, the Market Square, and the Margrave Charles III William tomb. On the northern part of the city lie a park and a  forest.

Each of the trips should not take more than a day but many of these places could truly be a holiday destination in its own right.

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