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On Location: The Rose Garden in Bern, Switzerland

Rosengarten, as is fondly referred to, is an area in Bern, Switzerland, where life takes the form of various colours each and every summer. The Rose Garden is a place that is held dear by all nature lovers from the Bern area, as well as visitors from around the globe. The garden is home to two hundred and two different rose species with two hundred of these being Irises and moor bed and the remaining twenty being rhododendrons. The park also offers an excellent view of the Aare Loop as well as the Old Town.


Its History

The sprawling land filled with roses that burst into life each year was once a home for dead people. The cemetery was referred to as the Schosshaldenfriedhof and is where the great graphic artist and painter Paul Klee was laid to rest.

It served as a cemetery between the years of 1765 and 1877 before being converted into a public park in the year 1913. From the year 1913, the Rose Garden was a public park that was magnificent thanks to the abundant beauty of the rose flowers and the pond that was present.

In the year 1956, the redesigning phase of the park begun. The redesigning lasted for six years and was completed in 1962. During this time, azalea, rhododendron, and an iris garden were introduced into the park, thereby transforming it into the beauty it is today.

Since its redesign, it has received millions of passersby and visitors each year, with all of them leaving the area being jubilant and satisfied with what they find in the Rose Garden.


A View to Die For

If the beauty provided by the fauna and the flora are not enough to satisfy your eyes and mind, the Rose Garden gives you an excellent view of a UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Old Town, which has beautiful earth-tone rooftops as well as a view of the Munster Church.

During the bright, warm summer days, you are assured of an excellent view of the vast array of mountain tops from afar. The Rose Garden has plenty of tables and chairs set all over the area. You can also choose to relax by the pond and watch as hours whirl by.  Apart from the occasional chirping made by birds, and the whistling sound made by the many leaves and flowers, there is nothing to disturb your peace and quiet time at the Rose Garden.

When the thirst and hunger pangs strike, there is a restaurant in the garden that has played an essential role in quenching the thirst and hunger of hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to view the roses in the garden each year.


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