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Brooches are synonymous with established elegance. The collection of brooches at Filigree Street consists of some classic examples as well as some contemporary and fun pieces.

Throughout history brooches have always been a staple in the wardrobes of the classy and chic personalities. Today they still hold the same refinement and can elevate an outfit.  Whether needing an accessory to wear to a formal function or just a brilliant accent for a casual outing, the options are endless.  Brooches have been known to be just as versatile as they are lavish.

The premium stones and stunning metals used in these pieces help to make the brooches classic examples of modern day grandeur.  With modern and traditional pieces available, one can rest assured to be able to find the perfect design for their personal style.  Skilled craftsman and renowned artisans perfectly execute these unique pieces of immaculate jewellery, which are designed to last throughout the years.

The collection follows through amber, silicon, silicon carbide, silver, striped flint and tiger’s eye brooches.

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