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Striped flint

Striped flint


Filigree Street’s striped flint brooches are something quite special. We love striped flint for its many dimensions and history that make it so interesting and unusual. The melange of greys, whites and slightly brown tones makes any piece of striped flint jewellery subtle, elegant and unique.

Striped flint is rare and has organic, unrepeatable patterns and is so hard that only the most patient and highly skilled artists undertake working with it.  For this reasons the majority of striped flint jewellery are small and thin pieces, which are easier for cutting and polishing than larger stones.  At Filigree Street, we constantly search for bolder examples of striped flint jewellery, as they expose the complex character of the stone even more beautifully.

Striped flint is a truly unique stone.  It is built from opal and chalcedony.  Striped flint is exclusive to only one region in the world, which is in Eastern Europe and its reserves are very scarce and excavation limited.  Striped flint is often referred to as a stone of optimism and is said to be rarer than diamonds.  Although the existence of striped flint has been known for centuries, the stone was not used in jewellery until 1970s.

The striped flint brooches collection consists of many one of a kind pieces.  The designs touch many different styles and techniques.  They vary from reserved elegance to contemporary fantasy.

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