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Filigree Streets amber necklaces are one of the best examples of true artisan craftsmanship.  Amber is a naturally occurring stone, full of beauty and mystery.  It is organic in its nature, it not only comes in a rich variety of colours, but it has a lot of  warmth and lightness.

Necklaces are made by the top artists of the industry, who pursue traditional procedures but give their creations a modern angle to show a fresh face of amber.  In some designs, amber has been presented in a new and unusual way in order to give a piece an extra dimension and some additional effects.  For instance, the cut may be faceted to reflect light, the clarity may be chosen to be high to give an almost crystal-like effect, the saturation may be very deep and intense in order to achieve a cherry-like colour.

When you decide to buy or give someone you care about a Filigree Street amber necklace, you can be sure to give them something truly unique.

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