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Striped flint necklaces

Striped flint necklaces

While striped flint is a wonderful natural stone, but there are not many examples of pieces with larger stones.  Many jewellery designers and makers seem to shy away from using relatively large stones for their creations due to its toughness and work and skills such stones require.

At Filigree Street, our striped flint necklaces can be seen as the welcome exception to the rule.  Not only are we using a rare and underestimated variety of flint, we absolutely love to cut and shape it into generous and bold necklaces.

Its colours and shades of grey, brown, white and black can only be matched by its uniquely regular patterns and waves. It is these characteristics, which not only make the striped flint one of our most popular stones, but also our most favourite stone for necklaces.

To this day, only a handful of local artists know how to find and select the best pieces. The stone is very hard – on the Mohs scale it is very close to diamonds, and like them requires special tools to cut and shape it.

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