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Golden amber tassel earrings

Rediscovering Amber Jewellery

The jewellery industry is becoming more and more exciting, with designers bringing in new ideas to the market.  New technologies are allowing to build on old elements and bring them to life as completely new pieces.

The increase of available materials to use have resulted in completely new solutions and outcomes achieved in the amber market.  If you are skeptical, or perhaps you have not seen the latest in amber jewellery, it is time to consider something new.

Top quality, affordability and style make it an easy choice when deciding to try something new.  The price is a very crucial aspect and makes pieces not just more accessible but also allow for larger quantity to be purchased.

It could be said that amber is lately being rediscovered.  Tt is a flexible choice and a long lasting investment.  However, the new possibilities created by these processes brought in a lot of change not just for amber.

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