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Focus on a piece: Spring Buds Green Silver Earrings 

Designer earrings are a great accessory to bring together an official as well as a casual look.  Particularly at this time of the year, nature inspired pieces can suit well an outfit as well as make reference to blooming surroundings. The flowers have sprouted while the sun shines hard giving the world a splash of colours.

The Spring Buds Green Silver Earrings are inspired by nature and made to perfection using quality silver material. The painted silver earrings blend well with the green paradise around and create a simple but elegant look.

Delicate production procedure

An unprecedented care has been put into designing and execution of this pieces.  The silver earrings are real flower buds that the artist collected by hand and cast to make a mould.  This allowed him to make a complete reflection of them.  The mould was used then to pour silver inside and form silver flower buds.  The outside wass painted with a special jewellery paint to bring the buds back to life. The earrings now look like real life buds ready to sprout.

Using the real flower buds in the moulding process, it ensures that the resulting piece looks exactly like the object it was inspired by. The earring has the contours and a delicate shape exactly matching the original bud.

The paint adds to the beauty of the earrings and their durability too. It comes in a variety of green hues to give the earring the desired natural look.

A show stopper with a delicate look

The green drop earrings are delicate but original in their design. They can be a discrete accessory, as well as a true conversation starter.  They retain the elegance while at the same time give a classic, at ease and flowing appeal.

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