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amber jewellery pearl long earrings

Focus On A Piece: Amber Earrings With A Beaded Collar

Everything about these amber earrings is truly special.  They are made with genuine Baltic amber along with small pieces of nacre, and 925 sterling silver.  The earrings’ simplicity make them stylish and elegant, however do not be fooled by this.  There are may processes involved to create such a refined look.

So how are amber earrings made?

It all starts with amber, which is found in the Baltic Sea area.  The surface of newly excavated stones is very rough.  From there, the amber is collected and often cut into smaller pieces.  A sanding wheel is used to achieve the artisan’s desired shape.  The surface is still rough after this step, so initial polishing with a compound made up of high concentrations of wax takes place.  Once pre-polishing is completed, the amber can receive a final polish by being buffed with cotton and a mildly abrasive substance such as candle wax with chalk powder, or even toothpaste.  The amber is then transferred to a barrel with water and sand to remove the very outside layer, and then transferred again to a different barrel with soapy water and pumice to further smooth the surface.  The last step includes putting the amber into a wooden barrel with small cubes of wood and a natural paste.

Dark amber

The darker amber beads seen on the earrings require heating to change the colour, but the amber remains pure.  The final step is using a modified drill bit to create the necessary space or hole for the amber to be included in a piece.  The amber on these earrings display depth and definition with the texture that the light catches inside.

Nacre collar

The small pearls that can be seen decorating the top of the piece are nacre.  Nacre is made up of the substance that mollusks secrete during the initial phases of the formation of a pearl.  This substance is what builds around the pearl and ultimately determines how the pearl refracts light; affecting the colour and texture.

Leverback clasp

The type of sterling silver clasps on these earrings is called leverback.  This particular kind well ensures the security of the earrings while they are worn, so you can wear these amber earrings for extended periods of time without worrying about them slipping out of your ears without your knowing.  Leverback clasps are also more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, rather than the hook backs which are seen easily and can even be uncomfortable to the wearer causing irritation or poke behind the ear.

Amber earrings with a beaded collar gracefully bring together two products of sea and nature.

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