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On Location: memories from autumn in Rome


On Location: memories from autumn in Rome

With snow and rain continuously intertwining outside the window, we started flicking though our endless collection of iPhoto albums and reminded ourselves of beautiful sunny autumn days spent in Rome.  Despite many cities being already deeply sunk in great wintery weather, Rome was what felt like a lonely oasis of sun and cheerful people.

The historical feel of the city provided endless inspirations for photographs and we couldn’t help ourselves but to compose our beautiful jewellery into this remarkable scenery.   Right behind the Palazzo Farnese, we stopped by the Fontana del Mascherone, where the silky leaves bedewed by the fountain’s water caught our eye.  The place was an absolutely perfect match for the Tears of Joy necklace, with its opulent amber beads and drops-like shiny silver loops.

The shining sun and almost empty streets allowed us to take the advantage the city’s most famous landmark.  The always besieged Fontana di Trevi was now easly accessible, thus we spent a while playing with many takes of various jewellery pieces.  The glass and mountain crystal jewellery adorned the adjacent rocks, acting as the most distinguished models.

The view from numerous hills and knolls in the city allowed to see Rome’s wonders from a different perspective.  The elements, which remain usually hidden from the street view, rose now in front of our eyes in their full glory. From the labyrinth of the small Roman street, we followed Via della Datana and took a long flight of stairs up to the presidential Quirinal Palace.  Once we turned our backs to the deserted square in front of the palace, we were completely stunned by the long reaching view of the dome of the St. Peter’s Basilica. 

From the high grounds surrounding the Commune Roma, we took a closer look at the equestrian sculptures of the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II (or Altare della Patria).  The shaded by trees space gave a wonderful hiding place from the rush of the city and made us almost to forget time, as we got lost into taking photographs of the glass and striped flint necklaces.

On the opposite side of the Forum Romanum we climbed a small knoll behind the Arco di Constantino, which sits in the shadow of the all powerful Colloseum.  The leafy hills of the neighbourhood visually break the heavy stone structures of the ancient remains and still blossoming flowers lured us into one last take of the mountain crystal jewellery.

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