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Silicon carbide clip earrings

Silicon carbide clip earrings

Clip earrings with silicon carbide are aesthetically beautiful and have a deep artistic spirit.  Filigree Street’s silicon carbide clip earrings collection is a very rare example of the use of this material in jewellery.  The range embodies the essence of original design and perfect execution.  Silicon carbide has metallic characteristics, with intense dark colour and reflective surfaces, which break the light into rainbow stripes.      

The silicon carbide earrings have the potential of elite artistic jewellery.  The earrings are subtle, modern but with great hidden advantage of the uniqueness of their origin. 

Interesting to know – silicon carbide is rather an industrial than jewellery material.  Silicon carbide is extremely hard in nature having 9.5 on Mohs scale, compared to diamonds with 10.  It requires great skills, precision and patience to create delicate jewellery pieces from it.

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