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Chalcedony earrings have many wonderful qualities that blend together exceptionally well.  As a result, they are a sought after accessory to complement many looks.  With their magical glamour, they can be worn for day to day occasions as well as more formal gatherings.  They seamlessly enrich an office attire as well as a pool-side outfit

The stone combines what formally terms is called as silky, waxy luster with a disposition to severe lightly inside, creating a beautiful luminous impression.  Chalcedony is rich in colour and shine.

Chalcedony possesses a very mysterious tone.  In earrings, it is complemented by shinny and grey silver.  This merger bring out unique aspects of the stone and let it become a true centre piece.  Furthermore this is a gemstone of a unique character.  It may seem subtle but is also full of life and excitement.

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