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Striped flint

Striped flint

The striped flint earrings collection is classical and elegant.  The styles are simplistic presenting the stone as the centrepiece of the design in order to exhibit its natural beauty.  One may love striped flint for being so diversified and its heritage which makes it to be even more interesting and extraordinary.  Striped flint is commonly named as a stone of optimism and is considered to be scarcer than diamonds.

Striped flint is a very distinctive gemstone and has organic, unrepeatable motifs. It is so tough that only essentially the most determined as well as highly proficient artisans attempt working with it. Due to this point the majority of striped flint jewellery is small in size and sleeker, mainly because it is easier to trim and polish than bigger stones. The fusion of greys, whites and somewhat brown tones causes every example of striped flint jewellery to be discreet, graceful as well as one of a kind.

Striped flint may be found in solely one area on earth, which is in Eastern Europe. Moreover its stocks are scarce and excavation restrained.  Even though striped flint had been known for centuries, the stone was not implemented in jewellery until 1970s.

The striped flint earrings collection is very wide. Styles of the earrings cover many various types and processes. They can vary from reserved elegance to cutting-edge fantasy.

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