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Some prefer their necklaces to be delicate and colourful ribbons of similarly sized stones, others prefer a larger statement piece, drawing attention to its unique beauty. At Filigree Street, we are proud to cater for both preferences, and more. You can choose between a rich selection of styles and stones, shapes and sizes, colours and stone cuts.

Filigree Street has an extensive collection of amber necklaces, which will satisfy anyone who loves organic designs and a quality craft.  The styles range from simplistic pieces to ample examples of amber works.  A great part of the range constitutes of romantic and of modern pieces.

The striped flint selection is equally vast.  We love striped flint for its many dimensions and history that make it so interesting and unusual. Striped flint is a truly unique stone.  It is built from opal and chalcedony and  is exclusive to only one region in the world, which lays in Eastern Europe.  Striped flint is often referred to as a stone of optimism and is said to be rarer than diamonds.

Quartz comes in a seemingly endless range of colours and shades.  It has a noble appearance making a great material for classic necklaces with a facetted cut, which brings out the stone’s wonderful brilliance and luminosity.

The necklace section contains: amber, amethyst, glass, goldstone, jasper, mountain crystal, quartz, silicon carbide, silver, striped flint and tiger’s eye necklaces.

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