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Striped flint

Striped flint

The striped flint necklaces assortment varies in designs and styles. More substantial necklaces show off the stone, its beauty and organic designs. They subtly encase the stone to make it to become the centerpiece of the creation.  In contrast, small sized products enable for a bigger inventive vision in design and a greater showcase of jewellery practices.  Filigree Street boasts a considerable variety of both.  They can vary from reserved sophistication to current fantasy.

Striped flint is uncommon and has got natural, unpredictable motifs. It is so rough that just essentially the most determined and also hugely experienced makers embark on handling it. Due to this, almost all striped flint jewellery is small sized and sleek, mainly because it is a lot easier to trim and polish than bigger stones. The concoction of greys, whites and fairly brown hues causes every item of striped flint jewellery to be understated, graceful as well as original.

Striped flint is a truly exceptional stone, made of opal and chalcedony.  It may be found in one region on the globe, which is in Eastern Europe.  What’s more, its stocks are scarce and excavation restrained.  Striped flint is oftentimes referenced as a stone of optimism and is regarded as scarcer than diamonds.

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